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Optimize Your Images with no Compromise on Quality

Even when you use Photoshop's "Save for the web", there are still USELESS extra bytes in your images, that you can remove using imgOptimize.

Optimization sample

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Why use imgOptimize?


imgOptimize will use the full power of your computer, making your wait time minimal

Supports batch optimization

It can optimize entire folder, choose to overwrite or copy to new location

Works with GIF, PNG, JPEG

All major image formats are supported and can be optimized by imgOptimize

Simple GUI

You don't need to read a manual to use imgOptimize. Just drag the folder with the images to optimize, and that's it

Our customers love us

I love imgOptimize. I use it on every image file from my projects! Even after using Photoshop's "Save for web", I can still remove some extra bytes by using imgOptimize. Cristina - freelance web designer

I currently use ImgOptimize v1.1 from for all my jpg & png images. Cut my current Media folder from 352MB to 202MB (8196 images). That was a saving of 150MB which is a big one. You can either do 1 file at a time or a complete folder in 1 single swoop Happy imgOptimize customer


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